Q. What are the benefits of Granite over Corian?

A. Granite is a natural stone with an inherent beauty that is unequalled in Corian. Once a granite countertop is properly sealed, it is impervious to acids, alkalis, extreme heat, grease and stains. Granite is also scratch resistant, where as Corian can be easily scratched

Q. Isn't natural stone tile floor expensive?

A. As compared to what? When you consider the long-term cost, it's actually one of the least expensive types of flooring. For Example: A tile that costs $400.00 and lasts for over 50 years has a lifetime cost of $8.00 per year. A carpet floor that costs $400.00 and lasts for 10 years has a lifetime cost of $40.00 per year. Furthermore, most realtors will tell you that natural stone tile increases the resale value of your home, so natural stone tile is an excellent investment.